Posted by: vsorathia | July 12, 2010

Grand Challenge in Service

Grand Challenge in Service:

21-26 Sept. 2010

A week of events bringing together leading academics, industrialists and policy makers to address the evolving challenges facing service education, research, practice and policy.

The service sector now accounts for 75 percent of the labour force in the US and the UK and more than 50 percent in Brazil, Russia, Japan and Germany. The dramatic growth of the service sector is changing the nature of organisations. However, it is becoming apparent that there is a lack of research and knowledge in the area of service to help address the challenges these changes are bringing about.

The Grand Challenge Week will explore issues underpinning knowledge production and transfer in service, evolving the conversations that started with the joint IBM/IfM white paper outlining the future of service science in 2007 . The week of events will offer a unique opportunity for practitioners and researchers to explore the latest thinking in service.

Aspects covered will include service-dominant logic, value co-creation, value-in-use, complex engineering service systems, service design and service systems. The programme will draw on current research conducted at the Advanced Institute of Management Research (AIM).

Diary of the week 21-26 September 2010

Day Event
Tuesday 21 September Doctoral Symposium on Service
Wednesday 22 September Exploring the service transformation journey workshop
Grand Challenge Summit Meeting
Thursday 23 September Roundtable and Town Hall meeting on Service research
Thursday 23 – Sunday 26 September The forum on markets and marketing (FMM 2010): Extending service-dominant logic
All week Research poster display

Which should I attend?


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