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1st International Conference on Cloud Computing and Services Science

Call for Papers

CLOSER is organized by IICREST – Interdisciplinary Institute for Collaboration and Research on Enterprise Systems and Technology

The 1st International Conference on Cloud Computing and Services Science, CLOSER 2010, focuses on the emerging area of Cloud Computing, inspired by some latest advances that concern the infrastructure, operations, and available services through the global network. Further, the conference considers as essential the link to Services Science, acknowledging the service-orientation in most current IT-driven collaborations. The conference is nevertheless not about the union of these two (already broad) fields, but about Cloud Computing where we are also interested in how Services Science can provide theory, methods and techniques to design, analyze, manage, market etc. Cloud Computing.

Emerging Enterprise Technologies are profoundly changing the way we think of IT – from economics and efficiency to process and usage models. Many organizations look to the “externalized” IT systems and services as a potential cost-savings advantage by moving internally hosted IT services to external providers. Other organizations view the “external” IT as potential disaster recovery systems or as on-demand capacity to boost business continuity and customer service levels. We need to take a closer look, discerning what emerging enterprise technologies are and how they can catalyze creativity and produce a competitive advantage. There is hence a new wave of interest in ‘Externalization of IT’ – anything as a service (including Software as a Service, Infrastructure as a Service, Platform as a Service), On Demand delivery, outsourcing, and so on. This emerging facilitation and way of utilizing services through IT is what we are referring to as Cloud Computing.

The four perspectives in which we are addressing the area of Cloud Computing in this conference are: (i) Fundamentals of Cloud Computing; (ii) Services Science foundations for Cloud Computing; (iii) Cloud Computing platforms and applications; (iv) Cloud Computing enabling technology.


CLOSER’10 invites papers that address one or more of the perspectives mentioned above. We offer below further elaboration (in terms of tracks and topics). Authors should not feel limited by the topics mentioned. Unlisted but related topics are also acceptable, provided they fit the main conference perspectives:

› Cloud Computing Architecture
› Cloud Standards
› Cloud Application Portability
› Cloud Interoperability
› Cloud Delivery Models
› Cloud Deployment Models: Public/Private/Hybrid Cloud
› Cloud Risk, Challenges, and Governance
› Business Cloud vs. Software Cloud

› Service-Oriented Architecture
› Web Services
› Internet of Services
› Semantic Web Technologies
› Service Modeling and Specification
› Service Composition
› Service Discovery
› Service Monitoring and Control
› Business Services Realized by IT Services
› Service Innovation
› Service Operation
› Service Strategy
› Service marketing and management
› Information and Service Economy
› Human Beings in Service Systems
› Enterprise Architectures and Services

› Cloud Middleware Frameworks
› Cloud Application Architectures
› Cloud Application Portability
› Cloud Application Scalability and Availability
› SaaS, PaaS, IaaS
› COTS and Cloud
› Cloudsourcing
› Cloud Applications Performance & Monitoring
› Development Methods for Cloud Applications
› Economics (ROI, Costs, CAPEX/OPEX,…)
› Outsourced Production Environments
› Collective Intelligence/Crowd Computing
› Context-aware Computing & Peer to Peer Computing
› e-Banking
› e-Business
› e-Governance
› e-Health
› e-Learning
› Mobility
› Social Networks

› Autonomic Computing
› Virtualization Technologies
› Utility Computing vs. Cloud Computing
› Grid Computing vs. Cloud Computing
› Performance Development and Management
› Cloud Ilities (Scalability, Availability,Reliability)
› Load Balancing
› Cloud Security
› Monitoring of Services, Quality of Service, Service Level Agreements
› Troubleshooting and Best Practices
› Disaster Recovery

Keynote Speakers

CLOSER 2010 will have several invited keynote speakers, who are internationally recognized experts in their areas. Their names are not yet confirmed.

Paper Submission

Check the detailed instructions on how and where to submit a paper.


All accepted papers will be published in the conference proceedings, under an ISBN reference, on paper and on CD-ROM support.
Indexation by Conference Proceedings Citation Index, INSPEC and DBLP is awaiting confirmation.

Key Dates

› Conference date: October 20-22, 2010

› Regular Paper Submission: May 25, 2010
› Authors Notification (regular papers): July 12, 2010
› Final Regular Paper Submission and Registration: July 30, 2010


CLOSER Secretariat
Address: IICREST c/o B. Shishkov
P.O. Box 104
1618 Sofia
Tel.: +351 265 100 033
Fax: +44 203 014 8638


The conference will be held at the Hotel Sidi Saler, Valencia, Spain.
The Hotel is situated right next to the beach, near the Albufera Nature Park and Lake. It is surrounded by pine forests and offers a unique environment in which you can relax, walk, jog or enjoy bicycle riding.
The Sidi Saler is located just 21 km from the airport and 15 km from Valencia, a modern and dynamic city with a beautiful historic centre.

Conference Chair

Boris Shishkov, IICREST / Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands

Program Co-chairs

Frank Leymann, University of Stuttgart, Germany
Ivan Ivanov, SUNY Empire State College, U.S.A.
Marten van Sinderen, University of Twente / CTIT / IICREST, The Netherlands

Program Committee

Eduardo Silva, University of Twente, The Netherlands


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